About Us

Who Are the People of New Hope?

When life is good, you want a family to share it. When life hits hard, you want a family to help.

You’ll find a family at New Hope, not a social organization. New Hope Baptist Church is a growing congregation located in Romulus, in west Tuscaloosa County. Our membership consists of families whose ancestors founded the church in 1839 and families who’ve just moved into our community, with lots of us falling in between. We all come together each week to worship God, the Father Almighty, who created us and loved us so much He sent His Son, Jesus, to redeem us from our sins. We come together, bringing our sorrows and our joys, to sing praises to God, learn more of His word, and encourage each other to walk in His ways.

New Hope offers the excitement of our children and youth combined with the wisdom and stability of our senior adults. Our youth attend annual retreats with other groups around our state. Our children’s classes are the fastest growing group in our congregation. Our senior adults are among the most active in the county! Our Sunday School serves every age, from those under 3 to those over 90. (Literally.)

Each week brings new opportunities for fellowship. We gather each Sunday for worship. We gather each Wednesday night for potluck supper and Bible study. Our men gather one Saturday a month for brotherhood breakfast. In addition to these gatherings, each Church season gives us new reasons to come together to celebrate our love for one another in our common faith.   If you’re new to the area, or if you’re looking for a church home in west Tuscaloosa County, New Hope wants to welcome you. If you’re already a Christian, you’re at home at New Hope. If you’re looking for God, you’ll find Him at New Hope; what you do next is up to you. And, if you’re not a Christian already, you’re a welcome guest at our worship services. You’ll find a family of people who’ve been where you are, but who love you enough to help you come to where we are now: redeemed members of the family of God.


Anyone can worship with us at New Hope. You belong with us, and we want you to join us in worship and fellowship.

New Hope takes Christian fellowship and service a step further with church membership. Formal members of New Hope can serve on church committees, teach classes, and hold other offices vital to our ministries. Formal members also participate in our regular business meetings, voting on church business and expressing their opinions on issues affecting their congregation.

Any baptized Christian can join New Hope in formal membership. If you’re already a member of a Southern Baptist church, you can move your membership to New Hope by transfer of letter. If you’re a baptized Christian from another tradition or denomination, you can join New Hope by a statement of faith. Unbaptized Christians join New Hope through Christian Baptism.

Christ calls us to serve others, and New Hope believes in answering that calling. We hope you’ll join us in formal membership as we serve Christ in our area.